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·         All Natural Weight-Loss treatments

·       Specialized IV Micro Nutrient Treatments

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Founded to help wellness companies grow, Global Resource Energy Inc.--GBEN is one of the most experienced equity firms. We have established a team investment professionals, focused on equity investments towards natural, holistic wellness companies.

We employ a long-established strategy of sector-focused investing across all of our markets.

We seek to invest in well-positioned wellness companies with strategic improvement potential and partner with management teams to create value by driving revenue and earnings growth.

We focus on businesses with natural products and service lines.

Specialized IV Micro Nutrient Treatments

Pain Management

All Natural Weight-Loss treatments

3 Wellness Centers in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area

Investing For Holistic & Wellness Companies

We were founded with the mission of helping wellness businesses help people through natural products.  Our strategy is to focus on holistic healing companies by investing financially, helping to grow these companies exponentially.

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